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Fujian Jinjiang baishiqing garment Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast coast of China, adjacent to Zhejiang Province in the northeast, Jiangxi Province in the northwest, Guangdong Province in the southwest, and facing Taiwan Province across the Taiwan Strait in the southeast. The company was founded in the 1990s, has more than 30 years of rich clothing manufacturing experience, we are a professional production of various types of underwear and underwear large enterprises. The construction area is 15000 square meters.

Our company has more than 200 garment technicians. They have rich experience in garment technology. At the same time, we have a leading team with rich management experience to lead the sustainable development of the enterprise. We have imported a series of most advanced garment production equipment from Japan and Germany. Through the efforts of all staff and years of international trade processing and labeling experience, we have established a stable clothing production and R & D supply chain system to meet customers' demand for R & D and design, production and sales, after-sales service, etc

We have three main types

underwear, yoga suit and swimsuit

Underwear design we adhere to: adhere to the body shape, beauty in the heart; the use of fabric we adhere to: comfortable and perfect, health first. In terms of technology, we adhere to: outline the perfect body, confident and always accompanied. We choose high quality fabric to make yoga suit, which can dry and ventilate quickly. Suitable for running, yoga, jumping, sports equipment and other sports exercises.

Both boys and girls can wear swimsuits. Fabric features: soft, comfortable, quick drying, non-toxic. Design style is the most popular today.

The above are our products, in the industry and buyers have been from various buyers of high praise and praise.

Mission: Gather those in common faith, and strive for common vision; Construct a perfect supply chain system to provide high quality garments and service;Create better life through our effort!

Development Philosophy: Maintain ahead with diversified competitive edge, stick to the intensive development.

Value:  Integrity and fairness         Customer first        People-oriented         Hard working

Enterprise Spirit: We do! We can!

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