Knowledge of knitted fabrics

news-2Knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and its productive knitted clothing is comfortable to wear, close to the body, free of tightness, and can fully reflect the curve of the human body. Modern knitted fabrics have become more versatile and high-end Various texture effects and new knitted fabrics with the same function have been developed at the stage of chemical development to bring unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitwear.

1、Acetate fiber (Acetel) knitted fabric Acetate fiber has the unique properties of silk-like fiber luster, bright color, drape and excellent hand feeling. The knitted fabric produced by it has smooth hand feeling, comfortable wearing, moisture absorption and ventilation, light texture, low moisture regain, easy to pilling, The anti-static use of acetate woven knitted georgette, popcorn and other fabrics are favored by consumers.   

2、Strong twisted combed yarn knitted fabrics. Cool linen knitted fabrics made of strong twisted combed yarns only have a sense of hemp yarn and are cool and have good moisture absorption. Especially silk twisted is ideal. High-end knitted fabrics have a richer feel and a better feel in addition to the excellent properties of silk. Stiff bones, good dimensional stability and good crepe resistance, ideal fabric for high-end professional wear and casual wear.

3、Coolmax fiber knitted fabric has four grooves. Coolmax fiber can quickly drain to the surface of the garment and evaporate to keep the skin fresh and comfortable. It has good moisture conductivity and cotton fiber interwoven knitted fabric has good moisture conductivity and is widely used for sewing T-shirts, sportswear, etc.     

4、The flash knitting fabric has a flashing effect and straightforward fashion designers love the knitting circular knitting machine (large circular knitting machine). The fabric surface has a strong reflective flashing effect or a variety of patterns appear on the knitted fabric using gold plating. The flashing effect and the fabric is flat on the back, soft and comfortable. Knitted garment fabrics are designed with a variety of knitted fabrics. Tight women's fashion and evening dresses will be dazzling and romantic through the flashing fabrics, showing the brilliance of knitted fabrics, luxurious and bright charm. All-round performance of knitted apparel products. Development provides broad prospects.

Post time: Sep-19-2020